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Amelia-Grace: Stuck in the never ending hell known as high school, fantastical lands and fairy creature fanatic, with an un-dying love of vampires and the unusual. My goal in life is to live in Narnia and vacation in wonderland.
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i am so threatened by pretty girls they are terrifying 

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If I knew where poems came from, I’d go there.




The NYPD tried to start a hashtag outpouring of positive memories with their police force. 

If this were ever a bad idea, it was probably the worst idea for arguably the most corrupt police force in America. 

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not killing myself is a personal achievement but you cant really brag about that at dinner parties

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instead of sending me nudes you can send me 

  • pics of you smiling with ur fave stuffed animal
  • pics of you smiling with ur mom 
  • pics of plants
  • pics of ur dog
  • pics of silly lookin bugs that u find 

send me the nudes while this geek eats a flower

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